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Neal Jackson: Your Voice for Life and Liberty

Neal Jackson was born in Pinehurst, North Carolina, and was taught from an early age that true greatness is not in having servants but in being a servant.

After college and graduate school, he started an insurance and financial planning firm which he operated for twelve years, earning numerous awards for sales achievement and leadership. The success of the firm was its philosophy of exceptional service.

After a successful pastorate in Florida, Neal moved the family back to North Carolina. He has been the pastor of the Beulah Baptist Church in Bennett, North Carolina since 2009. Service has been the heartbeat of Beulah since his arrival which has led them around the world on numerous mission endeavors to serve people.

After praying about serving as a state representative for more than five years, when his friend Allen McNeil announced he was not running for reelection for the 78th house district of North Carolina, Neal knew this was another call by God to serve.  Neal believes public service is just that an opportunity to serve the public and their needs.

Neal and Tracy have five children, a thriving church family, two dogs, and thirty black Angus cows. Their mission in life is not to be listed among the rich and famous but among those who truly impact societies . . . the servants.

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